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Home Measuring How it works
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When embarking on your home design journey with Home & Maker, one of the first steps in our bespoke service is Home Measuring. For each of our projects - no matter its type or size - we send our homeowners a complimentary Self-Survey Kit, designed to help make this stage of your home renovation hassle-free.

 No need to root around your kitchen junk drawer - in each kit, you'll find all the tools you'll need to measure up your home, including:

  • an architect's clutch pencil
  • a red pencil
  • a ruler
  • a rubber
  • a tape measure
  • dotted paper to sketch out your spaces
  • room stickers to esily label your sketches
  • a handbook - compiled by our team, this shows the dimensions you'll need to collect and how to measure these, as well as some other renovation tips, tricks and ideas.

Don't worry, your sketches needn't be perfect! We'll use these alongside images of your home and other information, to create accurate drawings of your project - you can read more about how our home design process on our 'How It Works' page. If you have any questions while measuring, our team are always here, by phone or video call, and we also offer an Expert Survey service, where our team will take your measurements for you, if you'd prefer.

To find out more about our online architectural services, and to get start on your own home renovation project, please book in a free consultation call with our team.

Home Measuring How it works
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