Home Measuring: Self Survey or Expert Survey?

Home Measuring How it works
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How are architects able to get accurate measurements of your home as it stands? Either you can take the measurements yourself or one of our architects can visit your home.

Accurate measurements mean that we can incorporate every square centimetre of your space into your future plans - we are very experienced at making space work for our clients and suggesting ways your home can work better for you. Also, it is very important to complete this step of the process so that your local planning authority has the information required to approve your planning permission application. At a later stage, these drawings will also enable your builder to provide you with precise costings of works.

Do it yourself

Of course, you may wish to take your own measurements yourself and that is absolutely not a problem. Once you've placed your order, every client with Home & Maker receives a complimentary Self Survey Kit so that you have everything you need to easily take your own measurements of your home. Plus, we are only a phone call away if you are unsure about anything at all.

Expert Survey

If you prefer, one of our experienced team can measure your home. A member of the Home & Maker team will visit your property and record your home measurements, along with taking photographs, so that your designer will be able to create your desired space and make suggestions for your consideration as well. You can find out more about our service and process, on our 'How It Works' page. 

Once all the data has been gathered, we will draft accurate architectural drawings of your home saving you time, money and the possibility of facing problems at a later stage of planning or construction. 

Quality matters

We will check the measurements of your survey to ensure that the information we are working with is of the highest quality moving forwards.

It's all in the detail!

Once the measurements are ready, your assigned designer will start working on your property - looking carefully at what is possible as much as they can.


You will be able to speak with your assigned architectural consultant by phone about your architectural drawings and discuss your goals and how we will be able to achieve them. You may have questions for us and your priorities might change once you see your existing building's measured drawings.

What happens next ?

You will have the measured survey to refer to and together with your assigned senior architect you will be able to see your desired space.

What do you get for your money ?

With Home & Maker's transparent and unbeatable pricing structure, an Expert Survey is composed of the following :

  • 85% of the labour time you are paying for is spent on site measuring, surveying
  • 15% of the labour time is allotted to reviewing
  • 5% of the labour time is spent liaising

Remember, many home buyers make the mistake of looking at floor plans and overspending for the future instead of planning for the present. You can upgrade your home when you are financially ready to do so - a Home & Maker Expert Survey will give you time to think about exactly what you want and can afford for your home.

Laying down foundations for the future

When the time comes and you are ready to sell your home, an expert survey of your property will be a valuable asset - not only will you have accurate measurements informing floor plan layouts, but you'll also have professional knowledge of the potential of your home from an architect's perspective. Any future prospective purchaser will welcome your suggestions, vision and knowledge and may even result in a successful sale.

Our approach to architectural services means we are proud to share our wealth of experience with you - making you and your design proposal the most important element of what we do.

If you're planning a home renovation and would like to find out more about the Home Measuring process, we'd reccomend booking a complimentary consultation call with our team, for tailor-made advice, specific to your project.

Please note: currently, our Expert Survey is not available in the West Country, NI or Scotland - please do contact us if you wish to discuss further or require bespoke help with this.

Home Measuring How it works
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