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Home & Maker Thu Oct 27 2022 01:00:00 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)

Working with an online architect like Home & Maker demystifies and streamlines what can sometimes be a convoluted and confusing process. Our clients are constantly giving us feedback on their favourite part of working with us, here are some of our most loved features to date:

  • Instant file sharing so no waiting around, allowing you to constantly monitor the progress of your project
  • Online messenger collates and records conversations so that everything is kept all in one place
  • Screen sharing lets you see exactly what you are getting and avoids confusing discussions
  • Instant 3 in 1 online quote gives you clear pricing from the outset
  • Adjustable quote allows you to create a flexible final proposal
  • Variety of payment schemes to suit you, per stage or monthly, or even with credit
  • Hi-tech drawing methods resulting in drawings being completed really fast & much more accurate
  • No middlemen! You have one point of contact with Home & Maker throughout your order.

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Design Ideas
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