What are building regulations and what does that mean for you?

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Home & Maker Tue Jul 21 2020 11:03:14 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)

Building Regulations (known as Building Warrant in Scotland) cover the structural aspects of a build project.

They are a set of rules that make sure your construction is safe and lawful. If you are carrying out work on your property and you are the owner, then you will be liable if work does not comply with building regulations. These regulations are important as your changes may interfere with the existing safety of your building and the altered building as a whole may no longer comply as a result.  

When is Building Control required?

Generally speaking, you will need to have passed Building Control if you want to :

  • Construct a new building
  • Extend or alter an existing building
  • Provide services, eg washing or sanitary facilities, replace windows or install a fuel burning appliance

How Home & Maker can help you

We can guide you through the building regulations process by creating full detailed plans and key technical information of your home build project ready to submit for approval to Building Control.

Still not sure if you need approval for building control for your project? Book a free consultation call to speak to one of our experts.

Home Measuring How it works
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