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Garden Room Home Extension
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We're seeing the lines blur between indoor and outdoor - and frankly, we are here for it. Think outdoor kitchens, cocktail bars, edible gardens and multi-function furniture spilling out onto your patio space.

First up - let's talk patios.⁠

Whether you use yours for relaxing, exercising, cooking or just hanging out, many of us are now looking to our patio spaces as open-air extensions of our homes. A great design trick to enhance this feeling is to choose a material and use it across both indoor and outdoor spaces - an exposed brick wall for instance.⁠

Brick walled patio, garden furniture

Our Pinterest board  is filled with ideas for your garden and patio, but we know that each home is different. For your garden, think about what you need from it. Is it a social hub or a private sanctuary? Are you wanting to create a space with plenty of seating and lights, or somewhere with greenery and plants to help you unwind?

Garden Rooms not only help make the most of your outside space, but can also be the ideal nook for a hobby, working from home or getting creative with a garden studio.

Hobby Garden room

If you’re opting for a garden room, we have plenty of inspiration. You might think of a garden room as a sort of fancy shed, and generally speaking, you’re not too far off. But imagine a suuuuuper fancy shed, insulated year-round, with all of the amenities you need for a home office, guest bedroom or even a mini yoga studio. Et voila. You've got yourself a garden room.⁠

Garden rooms provide the ideal nook for a hobby, working from home or getting creative. You could have a plant-filled sanctuary to escape to, or perhaps your very own gym. And how about a little garden bar for entertaining friends on summer nights?⁠ We can convert a current shed or outbuilding, or we can design you a completely new room from scratch. You'd be surprised at what we can create for you using even the smallest of areas. If you’ve got some of unused outdoor space, or a neglected shed that could do with a glow-up, drop us a message to find out what we would suggest.

Little Barn Garden Room

Bring the

There are plenty of ways to achieve that indoor/outdoor vibe in your home - from bi-fold doors to garden rooms, we’ve got you covered. Picture windows offer an affordable way to bring the outside in and allow for a lovely snapshot of your outdoor space. Imagine a painting which changes with the seasons and you’ve got the gist of a picture window. Bi-fold doors are a great way of opening up your space and letting your outside area flow into your home. Or why not consider skylights and plant walls?

Indoor outdoor dining plant wall kitchen

A popular choice with our clients is our use of biophilic design, an interesting technique that uses direct and indirect nature to build a connection to the natural environment. We’re all aware of biophilia through generic conservatories and house plants - but what about a plant-filled atrium within your home, or floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing your garden? Biophilic design can be incorporated into your project ever so subtly, or could be the entire focus of your design. The purpose isn’t necessarily to open up your home, like bi-fold doors or picture windows do, but to merge the inside with the outside entirely.

Plant filled atrium lobby

Whatever your plans are for your garden, we can help you out. Be sure to look at our Pinterest boards for inspiration (and while you’re at it, why not grab a cocktail – ours is a Mojito).

Garden Room Home Extension
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