Top 10 tips for creating a home office

Design Ideas Home Office
Home & Maker Wed Jul 08 2020 12:04:43 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)

Whether you have had to adapt your professional routine to meet the current lockdown restrictions or you have started your own business from home, these interior tips from our professional designers will maximise your productivity, encourage creative thinking and add a touch of style to your surroundings.

1. Get organised

Make a list of everything you would like for your new interior set up. No dream is too big! Start by considering which part of your home receives the most light, whilst also giving you the most space and privacy.

2. This leads us onto Location.

If possible, position your workspace near a window to take advantage of natural daylight or glimpses of outdoor spaces.

3. Personalise

Little touches can really enhance your home office work station - a new coffee cup, a warm white desk lamp, family photos or even some special stationary will add luxury and style to your day.

4. Grand designs

Take this time to plan a home office extension or conversion project. Consider converting a small outbuilding (if you have one) into a home office. ‘Little Barn’ was designed by one of Home and Maker’s own designers by transforming a small shed into a Scandi barn. Josephine uses the breakfast bar area as a home office and a place to lay out her watercolour materials.

“I really liked the way my ideas were interpreted by our Maker at Home & Maker, and working with a professional meant that our limited space was cleverly used. The ‘Little Barn’ in our garden is a real home from home and has allowed me to work in beautiful surroundings"

5. Structure your day

Be sure to schedule breaks (if possible - away from your screen!) into your working day. Download a timing app to remind you to take breaks away from your workspace, which will boost your creative energy and focus. We like TimeTimer - ten minutes of deep breathing exercises and stretches can boost mental function but also brings a sense of calm if you have lots of little ones running around!

6. Healthy Workspaces

Place a few carefully selected plants at your workspace. Research shows that plants can increase productivity within your home office and will allow your inner gardener to thrive!

7. Furniture

A comfortable and supportive chair is a must. Choose something from a reputable brand with good reviews. Or ask one of our architects or designers to help you transform your space by creating a bespoke office set up that optimises your space through multifunctional design.

8. Tech

This one might be a real pain, but ensuring that your IT is up to date is a must. Start by boosting your broadband connectivity so that you don't drop out mid-Zoom. A strong Wi-Fi network will also allow you to work in all areas of your home, meaning you can take that conference call on the patio.

9. Storage and space

Affordable, stylish storage is available from high street stores. Choosing natural materials like cork or wood will give your home office work station a boost and versatile storage options are ideal for clearing away clutter. Dunelm, for instance, have a wide range of storage baskets and boxes for under £20.00.

10. Perfect pets

This is a great time to help others out. Most rescue centres are open so plan a space for that furry friend who will want to be near you while you are working. Consider using a drawer or open cupboard space to make a daybed for them!

Considering optimising your home office with a bigger project, but not sure what would work best in dream home? Our free 30-minute consultation calls are a great way to get advice and guidance on your build from your very first idea - book a slot at a time that best suits you, here

Design Ideas Home Office
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