On-Trend vs Timeless - or can you have both?

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Home & Maker Fri Jan 07 2022 10:57:17 GMT+0000 (Greenwich Mean Time)

A question we were recently asked by a client: "How can I stay on-trend without risking my home looking outdated in a few years?"

At Home & Maker, we consider ourselves to be champions of sustainability. Our aim is to design homes which stand the test of time, and create schemes which stay relevant year on year.

We think a good rule of thumb is ensuring your space is easily adapted and flexible, by making the more permanent and costly elements (think bathrooms and kitchens) timeless, and the easily changeable, more affordable elements (think wall colours and accessories) on-trend.

For instance, whilst 'Very Peri' - the Pantone colour of the year - may be having a big moment in interiors right now, it doesn't mean you should choose this colour for your bathroom tiles or kitchen cabinets. Instead, to keep your interior on trend, you could consider adding hints of purple-blue tones with your accessories - perhaps vases of fresh cut flowers in cooler shades of lilac and lavender.

Very Peri, Pantone Colour of the Year, Periwinkle, flowers, tea, china mug, vase

Here are some other ways you can utilise current trends whilst keeping your options open, to allow you to adapt your space in future.

Broken Plan

Long gone are the days of vast open spaces. But that doesn't mean we're going back to lots of small, separate rooms. Instead, why not keep it flexible by breaking up your layout with some sliding pocket doors? You could also consider beautiful timber slatted partitions or bookcases to create subdivisions within your space.

Broken plan interior layout, timber partitions, plant book shelf


Curves are everywhere we look right now. They can do wonders to soften those sharp lines in a room and introduce a sense of relaxation and calm. You could consider adding curves into your accessories, like mirrors and vases, for a cost-effective take on this trend.

Curved interior, curved bathroom, fireplace, mirror, vase, book-end


Over the past few years, many of us have had to adapt to working from our homes and garden rooms have surged in popularity as many of us seek a separate space to work. If you are planning a garden room study, consider one which can be transformed into a guest bedroom in case your working pattern changes. This can also add value should you come to sell in future. Plants have also been proven to reduce stress levels and increase productivity, so it's no wonder we're filling our homes with them. But have you considered bringing the outside in, by adding bi-fold doors leading onto your garden? Bi-fold doors allow for lots of light and a seamless flow between outside and inside spaces, particularly during those summer months. 

Bring the outside in, bi-fold doors, garden rooms

Design Ideas Garden Room
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