How to live in your house when it’s also a building site

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Home & Maker Thu Jul 09 2020 13:39:37 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)

Sometimes living in your home while you have building work going on is a necessity, we've gathered our top tips on the best ways to increase your comfort between builds.

Whatever the size of your project, you will need somewhere safe, warm and dry to retreat to until your project is complete. There are some upsides though - You will save money and be able to closely monitor the progress of your work and while this can be a bit hectic, you will be leading the build and learn new skills! On the downside, it may be cold if you are building through the winter and you likely won’t be able to have guests over.

Plan Ahead

Keep stress levels to a minimum and consider heating, cooking and water facilities in advance and how you will access them. Make sure you will still have some way to access the internet as this will be really useful to have especially when you are planning interiors.

Have a retreat

If you plan to live on site, find one place that can be dust and rubble free, even if it is very small, you will appreciate the luxury of relaxing at the end of the day somewhere clean and cosy.

Live outside the box

If you have space outside, think about temporarily converting a garage into a family room, or erecting a garden annex that you can use as a retreat and then convert afterwards into a den.

Site safety first

Ensure you clearly define no-go areas and be extra vigilant if little ones are about. Always wear a hard hat and reinforced footwear.

The end is in sight

You’re worried about months of stress and unsettled sleepless nights, how the builders will like their tea and every square inch is covered in plaster dust - don’t fear, it will all be worth it!

Things to look forward to

  • Once the last finishing touch has been installed you and your guests will appreciate all the effort
  • Being creative in your beautiful new kitchen space - choosing colour palettes and soft furnishings
  • A quiet home working zone
  • A sense of organisation as your belongings are stowed neatly and safely away from view in clever storage options
  • Knowing significant value has been added to your home
  • Accommodating overnight guests in a luxurious guest bedroom
  • Finishing your project under budget - Home & Maker can help you to stay focused financially with their pay as you go services tailored to you, not matter what type of build you have planned. To get started, visit our free online cost calculator tool here

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