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A room is essentially a box – right? Well, maybe. But let’s have a think about it for a minute...

A room can be many things. It can be a place to retreat to when everything feels a bit tough. The place you celebrate with friends. The place you build your business.

It can have curved walls, tall ceilings, huge picture windows, little reading nooks. It can be warm and cosy, or modern and fresh. It can be quiet and private, or open and bustling. A room can cleverly combine all of these things if you are looking for a multi-function, multi-purpose space.

So, technically speaking, yes – a room is a box. But at Home & Maker, we think outside of it, beyond four walls, and into the realms of possibility.

We ask a lot of questions during our consultation process to ensure we truly understand your needs, and the needs of anyone living in your home. You might think certain questions aren’t relevant, but you’d be surprised how we use this information to tailor our designs to suit you perfectly!

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As a business, we operate on a remote basis. This saves on operational cost; a saving we pass directly to you. So, despite having the highest accreditation possible (RIBA-Chartered and ARB-registered) we offer genuine value for your money – something very important to us. We’ll bring out our best design skills and give you the Grand Designs-esque home of your dreams, all within budget.

We feel it is important to let you know that we are not simply draughts-people. We offer much more than that. Our clients have access to our design expertise and know-how throughout their entire project from start to finish, and we support them every step of the way to completion. Our assistance doesn’t stop there, as we are so determined to design your dream home we offer one year of aftercare as standard.

Our tailored service means there are plenty of options in terms of what we can do for you. Our Instant Quote makes it as easy as possible for you to get an estimate of pricing for your project. We also offer free 30 minute consultation calls to give you guidance and advice about your home improvement project. These calls are the perfect stepping-off-point to get some real advice and insight into your development plans.

So, back to boxes. When you’re in your own, it’s difficult to think outside of it. We can offer a new (and expert) perspective on how to shape your project. At Home & Maker, we don’t necessarily think big, or think small - we just think differently.

Conversions Design Ideas Garden Room Home Extension New Build
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