Why using an architect is a great investment for your home

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Home & Maker Tue Jul 21 2020 10:53:05 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)

Working with an architect is a wise way to raise your home's value.

Don’t move, improve!

You are happy in your home but for some reason it seems to be getting smaller and smaller... Perhaps you have too many box sets of Friends taking up half the living room or your adorable toddler has grown into a teenager or, you may be working a lot more from home these days. Whatever the reason - you need to decide whether to sell up and move or make your home work for you. When the housing market is a bit tricky as it is in some parts of the UK, moving can be costly and uncertain. Choosing to extend your home will certainly add more space and flexible living options and will increase the value of your home significantly and hopefully it will have gained some 0's should you wish to sell it in the future.

Architect-designed homes stand apart from the rest. Attention to detail, innovative use of space and incorporating imaginative materials result in beautiful stylish heavenly living spaces. Investment - wise, using a skilled architect will implement thoughtful design, think of ways to make your home a better, more enjoyable place to live - they are someone who understands and facilitates ways to of adding value for the future. Maximising floor area is a reliable way to add monetary value to a property. Home & Maker are adept at making more out of less by carefully surveying and designing space that is already there whether it be sneaking in a shower under the stairs, using double height spaces or roof lights opening up cramped dark spaces.

Great spaces are priority for us but this needs to be achieved through prudent financial expenditure. We pride ourselves by proposing economical solutions to achieve our clients' goals no matter how ambititous. This is where Home & Maker can step in to help you. Our team of experienced professional architects who are passionate about delivering great design will work together with you to engineer your idea and provide a customised service to you through innovative designs, brilliant drawings and plans and the statements required to convincingly justify the need for your project.

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