How does your Drawingboard work?

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Home & Maker Tue Jul 21 2020 11:20:03 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)

Join your designer at the Drawingboard! Our platform offers you the opportunity to design right alongside your architect and see your ideas come to life.

At Home & Maker you can monitor your project through your Drawingboard. Your Drawingboard is an online tool that gives you access to the collaborative process of working together with your designer to create your dream home! This exciting experience takes the form of a Style questionnaire welcoming you, your sketchbook, file sharing, messenger, ideas, outcomes and everything associated with your design journey to date.

We are extremely proud of the Drawingboard tool, as it gives real ownership to you, improves creative communication, allows sharing opportunities to happen in real time resulting in an enhanced home design.

The flightpath for your Drawingboard is as outlined as follows :

Once an order is placed you will gain access to Your Drawingboard. Exciting!

  • Design Tools
  • Design Questionnaire
  • Client sketchbook
  • Favourited Home & Maker Projects
  • File Sharing
  • Self Survey information
  • Client Design Ideas
  • Issued drawings
  • Messages & Screen Share opportunities
  • Client Design Team - Unit lead & 3rd Party Appointment
  • Financing & Add On Services
  • Pinterest integration
  • Quotes, orders, payment details and invoices for your convenience

What we love most about the Drawingboard is the way it enables you to participate fully in your design project and keeps you up to date with progress around the work we are completing for you.

Pay your deposit now to unlock full access to the Drawingboard tools! You will be provided with easily accessible information allowing you to:

  • Manage your quotes easily
  • See at a glance ideas, suggested plans and proposals
  • Access detailed plans
  • Understand what your client wants
  • Access financing and add on services
  • Easily generate versatile ideas in the style of an online sketchbook
  • File share easily
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