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Home & Maker Tue Jul 21 2020 10:56:04 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)

A guest take-over by one of our valued customers reviewing her experience of the Home & Maker service

Read on for the experience of our service from one of our clients from start to finish.

Entry 01 - I wasn't sure what to expect when I received the free consultation call with Home & Maker but once I started sharing my initial ideas with Francesca, I realised that what I actually wanted to do was achievable. After a while, I got my head around a few of the terms - understood why it was important to get my home measured so as to create accurate floorplans and discussed with her what I really wanted from my design. Francesca really 'got' what I was talking about and suggested some things that made me realise that my family would benefit from, for example, she reckoned that we could squeeze extra cupboard space at the end of the landing and reassured me that roof lights would not break the bank but would give an illusion of light and space in our box room!

Entry 02 - Now that we have really progressed with the design for our house, I am beginning to relax about the next step when we submit our planning application to the council. My neighbours had a bit of an ordeal with this a few years ago so I was kind of dreading doing it. Home & Maker carefully explained what needed to happen and how my drawings would really help the process along - after all - it’s a pretty regular planning application but you never really know what is going to be thrown up. I was worried about the rear of the house having skylights as our designs were a bit different to others in the street but the impact of having them would be brilliant if we could get them approved.

Entry 03 - I get on with all my neighbours so I didn’t think it would be a problem but there was one minor objection to the possibility of being overlooked and light pollution emission. I made a frantic call to Home & Maker. Told them about everything and to be honest a bit stressed about it all. :( Suggested solution: Present a 3D visual to the planning officer. - So I went for their 3D Visualisation add on, this was really helpful and problem solved - eventually ! This saved me with budget in the longer term - more money to spend on dream kitchen :))

Entry 04 - Heard of many nightmares involving builders. I'm on my own and I didn’t want to have all the faff around screening contractors and second guessing their credibility if I'm honest. Bit out of my depth with the handover bit to the builder too but Francesca saved the day - didn't make me feel stupid, fully understood the importance of coming in within budget! Explained that I am out all day at work and often work at home on the weekend so really important to get this right.

Entry 05 - Well, six months down the line and I am waking up happy and can't wait to get back home each day! I don't think it would have been as easy without Home & maker to guide me through my (albeit modest) build project - the best bit was that most of it was done online so I could manage thing in between work.

Love it- love it- love it !

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